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The Chaucer Head Bookshop, Stratford upon Avon


We are second-hand bookshop located in the centre of Stratford upon Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare. We stock second-hand, rare and antiquarian books covering a wide range of subject matter; fiction and non fiction, old and new.

At the moment we do not have an on-line shop, but you can search a small (5000 or so) number of our books on ABE by clicking on this link: Search our books on ABE

Chaucer Head Bookshop, in Chapel Street, Stratford upon Avon

A photo of Richard in holiday mode. (For some reason all the ones of me not on holiday make me look all haggard. Funny, that.)  

The Chaucer Head Bookshop, Stratford, has been owned and run by Richard and Vanessa James since 1998.

The book titles in the picture are so appropriate and entertaining (you'd not be blamed for thinking that they were photo-shopped which they weren't) that I couldn't resist. My favourite is "Cat Behaviour Explained..."